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Weekly Site Update – Referral Contest Standings

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Good Evening <username>,
This is a weekly site update for

December 17th,2008

Total Membership: 4730
Average Daily Hits: 85,000 – 95,000

We would like to welcome so many NEW members this week! Our Membership has continued to grow very fast with NO signs of slowing down! Great Job to all of you who have helped promote our site and made it one of the fastest growing exchanges online! We are very curious to see how well we will do at the AffiliateFunnel TE Ranker this week, but we need your help! It only takes a minute…

Please vote for us at affiliatefunnel before thursday night, so we can get in as many votes as possible before the rankings reset. We are not expecting a Perfect 10, we just want you to vote with honesty. Please click here:

Thank You For Voting For US! We Greatly Appreciate It!

Referral Contest Update:

Did you know we are having a cash referral contest? For us this is not just a simple contest, in fact this is Our BIGGEST Contest Ever! 100 lucky Members will win some real CASH! $500 TOTAL in CASH Prizes! WOW! Who wants to win some cash? Start the New Year off the right way…
$500. CASH Referral Contest has already started and ends on January 1st, 2009


1st Place: $250.
2nd Place: $100.
3rd Place: $50.
4th Place: $5.
5th – 100th Place: $1.

All members are eligible to win, all you need to do is promote your affiliate url or splash page and get referrals under you in – On January 1st, the member with the most NEW “active” referrals will automatically win the 1st Place Prize of $250. Cash! And $100 will be given for 2nd place, $50 for third! Winners will be announced after the contest is over.


Current Contest Standings:

1st:      User 61          143
2nd:     User 312          51
3rd:      User 4387        23
4th:      User 4296        18
5th:      User 4188          8
6th:      User 197            8
7th:      User 3158          7
8th:      User 101            7
9th:      User 3227          7
10th:    User 1115          6
You can check the current contest standings at any time by going to the contest page found in the members area menu. Contest Stats are updated once each day on that page.

A little later In a seperate email, we will announce our new Program of the week so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for that. Plus we might finally announce our Super Holiday Advertising Sale, and we guarantee you have never seen anything like this from us! We are very excited about this and when you see what we mean, we know you will be excited too… In the mean time keep up the great work, and don’t forget to surf, promote and have some fun at… You earned it. Thanks for being such great members!


- Tom Childress

FTW admin