New Program of the week –

Monday, December 29th, 2008

We are very excited to bring you a special NEW Recommended Program of the week:

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Every once in a while something truly special comes along:

A BRAND NEW Premium Traffic Exchange Program combined with an advanced Social Network that will help you leverage your time and money to develop your brand and build your customer base.

After test driving this system ourselves we were absolutely BLOWN AWAY with the amount of detail and time that went into developing this awesome new Advertising Resource. This exchange is professional looking with plenty of custom “extras”.

After personally using this new exchange for only a few hours, we are dead serious when we say this might just give TrafficEra some serious competition to deal with.

We are confident this will be one of the most important New Traffic Exchanges of 2009 and will be HUGE! But only for all the good reasons such as: Dynamic Surf Ratios, Up to 50% Affiliate Commissions, Great Website and Banner traffic, Social Networking Ability and also there are High Quality Upgrades at affordable prices.

All Members also gain Free Exclusive Access to the Departure Lounge, the JetStreamTraffic social network that allows you to build genuine relationships with your potential customers and JV partners. You can even publish articles and write your own blog to propel your business!

We are very excited about this new program and when you join for free and test it out you will see exactly what we mean. This, by far, is one of the highest quality NEW Traffic Exchanges we have seen since TrafficEra!
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In case you don’t know how this feature works:

Each week we will have a new Program of the Week. We will only recommend programs/ sites that we trust and can see the potential for it to somehow help you with your current internet business. Most of the programs we choose are free, however once in a while we might introduce a low-cost paid program that will usually do wonders for your income.

Learn More about the program of the week by logging into the FreeTrafficWorld Member’s area and clicking on the “Program of the Week” link in the menu.

Take a good look at the current program, read everything available and really consider joining especially if it’s free!

After you sign up for the Program of the Week, you can return to the page and insert your affiliate url for the new program, and pick a reward of 1000 Traffic Credits, 5000 Banner Impressions, or 5000 Text ad impressions.

Everything is setup to be very simple and straightforward. After you complete all the steps and choose your reward, your downline in FTW will now see your affiliate url for the Program of the Week. This will help build your downline/ referrals/ and sales in the new program, if they choose to join!

Hurry, you should go check out the new “Program of the Week” before your downline does. The more referrals you have in FTW, the quicker you should check it out and join.