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We Made It into the Ranking!

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Goodmorning <username>

 We are pleased to announce FreeTrafficWorld has finally made it into the Downline Builder at AffiliateFunnel.

Even if you dont rate us at a perfect 10 we would really appreciate everyone’s vote. Please vote for us now, and (everyday that you have time to) at:

(Just click the link above or copy and paste it into your web browser’s address bar)

Your vote counts to help us rank better in AffiliateFunnel, which ultimately will help all members of FreeTrafficWorld! The higher we rank each week, the bigger and faster our membership grows. This will result in more traffic, customers and signups for you. And if you only vote once this week for us, make sure it is today, because every thursday night, all the votes and stats get evaluated and the rankings are reset for the last weeks activity…

If you guys really astonish us and we get enough votes in less than a day to rank high enough to be in the Top 50, there might just be a nice reward for all active members. But we will have to see what happens. (If you are reading this and it is after thursday allready, please vote for us anyway because it will help us for next week)


Here are some good reasons to vote for us at AffiliateFunnel:

- In only 9 months we have grown to 3887 Members and have an extremely active membership base.

- We pay high Affiliate Commissions to Free Members (20%) and even higher to upgraded members (up to 50%)

- FTW Members have earned over $7,000 Dollars total combined in real cash commissions just for promoting a Free Traffic Exchange!

- FTW Members have requested and been payed $3,224 Dollars with paypal or mailed check! Wow this is great for a free program

- We are the only traffic exchange (that we know of) that offers $300. in real cash prizes every week to our members! And all you have to do is surf like normal.

- We are the only traffic exchange that offers a OneDollarCashPrize word hunt game where you actually earn a real dollar each time you complete the phrase. How many times can you complete the phrase?

- And we are positive that we are the only exchange that gives upgraded members up to a 25% bonus on each payout they request! That is really insane, but we have been doing it since we started!

- We have a built in PTC area with real cash paying banners to click and great rates on ads.

- We are constantly planning and implementing new ideas and features, that will eventually set us apart from the competition.
Please vote for us by going to:

(You can vote for us once each day if you like)

That is all for now, but look for another email update coming shortly, in it we will be letting everyone know about an exciting new feature we just added to and how it will help you advertise your business and get even more free customers and leads…

Have a great day in the mean time….

- Tom

FTW admin